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Personal Cup One Cup

You get what you see with this item and that is a cup coffee maker. Where the more pricey makers have a detachable water reservoir this does not which can be a bit annoying thinking about that each time that I require to make a cup I must pull it away from the wall. Which brings up the next point about this making, the cord is very short on it. Last, the pod holder is very hard to open and replace, I guess with use and time it will loosen up and not have the feeling that I will break it whenever I put/remove a pod. But as said in other comments it is an cheap small personal maker that can make an all right cup of coffee but in case you are looking for a maker that will make a great cup of coffer choose



Single cup coffee makers are basically transportable

because of their mobility, you could have your preferred coffee anyplace you choose to go. Although some cup coffee machines are created to stay in the kitchen, the majority are very lightweight to help you to take it along to some other location. What this means is that there is no longer a necessity for you to go out basically to get a pleasant cup of excellent tasting coffee. So, there you see it’s a nice suggestion to get the best single cup coffee maker. Go ahead & read the detailed single cup coffee maker comparison in order to understand which product would be the best choice for you. As it is a nice suggestion to read the user reviews, before purchasing a coffee machine.for more:

Single Cup Coffee Maker

Single Cup Coffee Maker
…which is make one 8 oz cup of coffee. There are ways to work around it tho, if you drink more coffee:

1) You can go over the fill line and get about 14 oz of coffee, and I haven’t had any bad experiences doing so yet. You have to stay close though, and do a cup switch, or the cup will overflow, since there’s not enough space to hold a bigger cup than the one that comes with the coffeemaker.

2)Dump the grinds and make another cup.

3) The best so far, put extra coffee into the filter. When the first cup is done, pour the coffee into a bigger cup. Turn the machine back on and run more water through the same coffee grinds. When that’s finished, put it into the bigger cup with the coffee you made before.

4) Cut down on your coffee

So, my displeasure with the product is because of my own tastes. But for making one 8 oz cup of coffee, it’s of overall good quality. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, so great for those with little counterspace. It looks sleek, just like in the picture. Also, it’s nice not having a glass pot, which often broke on me. Not having to buy filters is also convenient.

Finally, as for having a plastic scoop, you still have to figure out how much coffee is the proper strength for your taste. So, using exactly two scoops won’t work for everyone, like the advertisement says. However, that is true for all coffeemakers.

So, if you’re sure you only want one 8 oz cup of coffee, or don’t mind making one cup twice, short on counterspace,hate buying and storing filters and always breaking your glass coffee urn, this is the coffeemaker for you!!

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Single Cup Coffee Makers are great for a single serve of coffee – Read about the professionals and cons of single serve coffee makers.